By reconnecting with nature,
you reconnect to your heart.

Who we are

Natural Healing with Pachamama’s Connections


We carefully craft experiences where you will reconnect to your heart through nature.

Discover more about our guided hikes and meditations, sacred Andean offerings, sound healing, and self-healing retreats.

We also support the indigenous people of Peru through our store. There you'll find handmade alpaca wool products.


We do this work because of all the souls looking to connect with nature.

The way we live with the world is changing, causing some to suffer. We believe that the sacred knowledge we have inherited can help heal.

Our main motivation is to assist the healing of the collective while supporting indigenous communities.


We aim to offer natural healing experiences for anyone with the desire to connect to themselves.

We want you to empower yourself and find your greatness.

Our long-term mission is to build healing centers in Peru and New York - spaces in nature to reconnect with your heart and Pachamama.


Sacred Offerings

Workshops and Retreats

Sacred Offerings

Guided activities that promote natural healing and renew your heart connection. Sign up for our experiences and learn how you can make nature a part of your everyday life.

Private Sessions

Healing Sessions

A safe space to connect to yourself. We offer different methods and approaches; select what best suits your natural healing needs. No path is the same; every journey is unique.


Pachamama’s Sacred Weavings

Our Peruvian ponchos, scarves and purses are all made with genuine hand-woven alpaca wool textiles from the Quechua Andean and Shipibo Amazonian communities.

About the


We believe the founder of this initiative is Pachamama herself. As the creator of all, she is the reason for everything, and she has inspired us.

Our co-founder, Rossana, is native to Peru and carries within the tradition of her ancestors from the Andes and Amazon jungle.  

Her immense love for nature has led her to share all she knows about self healing through Mother Nature. She’s always had a strong calling to study various spiritual paths and indigenous tribal cultures. 

For the past decade, she has dedicated her path to connecting with her ancestors by connecting to nature and the healing tools of Mother Earth: sacred medicine and plants, sound healing, and music and dance.

Rossana feels a drive to empower all people and is committed to supporting indigenous communities by sharing fair-trade hand-woven textiles. She is also passionate about the Amazon jungle and is developing ways to support communities in this area as well.