About Us

Origins of Pachamama's Connections

The Beginning

All this sprouted from the heart of a child who was trying to find a deeper part of herself. She was a child who felt alone and abandoned, a child who had grown up in a land far from her roots and without knowing her path. After a complete collapse from depression, she found her path and found life again with the help of Pachamama (the Conscious Cosmic Mother of All).

She realized how far we have been from nature and, with great gratitude towards Pachamama, decided to create this sacred space called Pachamama’s Connections. It is our mission here to build bridges that allow people to connect with Nature and those who came before them. 

“Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.”

Who am I?

Hi, I am Rossana, an indigenous Peruvian ancestral woman–a native of Peru but raised in New York. I’m also an international speaker. In addition, I am what people call a “bridge woman,” a naturally-intuitive wisdom healer. Because of this, my aim is to spread love and knowledge to all that cross my path.

I live in New York, and I am the co-founder of Pachamama’s Connections, whose mission is to build bridges that allow people to connect with Nature and with those who went before them. 

My own ancestral Peruvian learning has influenced me, and I have curated guided group hikes and nature retreats to allow people to connect with themselves through nature just as I did. Through my offerings, I have worked with groups and individuals both in the USA and in Peru.

Currently, Pachamama’s Connections is working with communities in Peru to showcase their textiles in different countries. You can find these products in our store.

My full story will give you more insight on how Nature can help you heal what needs tending to. You can read more here, in my blog.

The Meaning of Pachamama

The true founder of this initiative is Mother Nature, and that’s why her name is in our title. 

In the Quechua language, “pacha” means earth and “mama” means mother. But the Mother Earth concept is more than just the land, the forest, the rivers and streams.

To the Q‘eros, the Quechuas, Inkas, and in the indigenous culture of the AndesPachamama is the energy of everything in the universe, the cosmic mother of all. She is not an ethereal being living on planet Earth; she is the conscious Earth herself. Pachamama is the energy of everything in the universe, the conscious cosmic mother of all. 

Follow this link to read more about Pachamama.

Sacred Weavings through Pachamama's Connections

Peru is famous for its traditional woven goods, and the meaning of sacred weaving goes beyond textiles. The idea of sacred weavings means that our reality is also a sacred textile of connections between every living being. So, we are part of a sacred, cosmic cloth, and that is what the designs in traditional Peruvian fabric represent.

Furthermore, Pachamama’s Connections believes in active reciprocity to support the indigenous Peruvian people who create these powerful designs. All of our woven textile pieces come from the artisans of the Amaru community and the Chawaytiri community of Pisac in Cusco, Peru. Every piece you purchase empowers the Amaru and Chawaytiri families to keep their customs and traditions alive.

Active reciprocity is giving back to the Andes community from which my Grandma comes; a community which she was forced to leave so that I could have a better life and bigger opportunities.

My way to show gratitude is to return to the land by supporting indigenous communities to keep their cultures alive–to keep the tradition going and to keep the sacred knowledge from disappearing. I am offering their beautiful handwoven textiles for the world to appreciate. We will offer their textiles here, on our Etsy shop, and at upcoming consciousness festivals.