Sacred Weavings Store

ponchos, scarves, and more – all handmade in Peru

In the Sacred Weavings shop, we sell handmade Andean goods like wool ponchos and scarves. Our store, just like our work at Pachamama’s Connections, is part of a long journey. 

As Rossana began to rebuild her connection with her Andean roots, she rediscovered her ancestors’ relationship with Mother Nature.  In Quechua, this concept is called “Pachamama,” the cosmic mother of everything.

On her travels back to Peru, Rossana established ties with communities of local weavers: the Hilaria family in Chawaytiri (who made all our ponchos) and the Amaru women (who wove all our scarves and shawls). For these local artisans, Mother Nature is present in everything, and their belief in this concept is part of their art.

Our aim with the Sacred Weavings store is to bring these truly sacred woven goods to more people.

Everything we sell is handmade, which means that you feel the energy of the artisans in each piece. Your purchase price goes back to these communities to help them continue to create this sacred art. With each purchase, you are also contributing to our future natural healing centers in Peru and Upstate New York. These centers will be gathering places for everyone to learn to connect to their heart and Pachamama.

Ponchos and More Products

All of our ponchos, scarves, bags, and more are available for purchase in our Sacred Weavings shop on Etsy.

Taxes and Shipping

The New York state sales tax of 4% will be applied to all items in our store.

Cost of shipping will vary depending on destination.