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The whole mission of Pachamama’s Connections is to share ancestral wisdom and techniques with everyone. This wisdom is what you experience on our hikes, when you make a flower mandala or when you close your eyes and listen to your heart. It is this connection that took Rossana’s life in a whole new direction, and our aim is to make it available to you.

The dream of two natural healing centers – one in Peru and one in Upstate New York – is one of our greatest goals. While we can and will share how to rekindle your relationship with Mother Nature wherever we have the space, these centers will be a home for all those walking this path of reconnection.

Our centers will be a place where elders and indigenous practitioners share their knowledge. They will be places for retreat and for calm, quiet respite from the busy world. They will be where people go to connect with nature and themselves.

Our centers’ directors and employees will be indigenous people from the local community. We believe in being part of the community that surrounds our centers in order to learn from them and give back to them. 

Part of the profit from every item sold in our shop goes to the fund for building these two centers. You can help us on our mission by purchasing a handmade item in our store or donating right here on this very page.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you around in the Pachamama’s Connections community.



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