Guided Nature Hikes

Mindful walking in nature


Mindful walking is awareness of every step you take on our guided paths. It means connecting to the sound of your breath and the sound of nature.

I create moments during the hike where we stop, ponder, reflect, and listen to the sounds of nature. 

We engage in discussion concerning the natural world, and we enjoy silence at the appropriate times. We will also share a sound meditation accompanied by native drums and flutes and create a flower mandala as an offering to Pachamama.


Our hikes take place in Upstate New York and Peru. Join us on our next hike and let your spirit feel at peace and connected.

This is a donation-based experience. We kindly request a minimum of $25 dollars for this guided hike and meditation.


Our upcoming nature hike dates: We hike every Saturday in Upstate New York, weather permitting.


To get on the waiting list for our next hike, fill out our contact form below, and we will let you know all the details. You can confirm your participation later.


Thanks for your interest in our experiences! 

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