Come live the magic of Peru firsthand​

Journey Back to Your Roots

Experience Peruvian culture and mysticism

Travel to the Andes Mountains in Peru to honor and visit the ancient and sacred communities of this region with a knowledgeable guide. During the journey you will be brought into local communities, immerse yourself in their cultures, and share in their traditions. 

Peruvian culture and mysticism

Come to Peru and discover the true meaning of connectedness. This is the place that inspired us to found Pachamama’s Connections, and we know you’ll be inspired as well.

On this trip, every day is a new experience, and we organize activities to bring you closer to the mysticism of Peru. 

Here we will take you on guided hikes and meditations in this sacred land.

We will perform full traditional rituals, and you can see how these practices form part of local communities’ lives.

You will see Andean weavers and come to understand the meaning of sacred weaving.

This trip will help you connect to the ancestors of Peru and spark your connection with your own ancestors from across the globe.

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