Lliklla Woven Shawls

Use these versatile textiles as an accessory or to place on your altar. 100% organic, made of 100% Alpaca wool and fibers from the Amaru community in Peru. These shawls are woven with female energy and are encoded with ancestral symbols.
For the Amaru women, weaving by hand is a sacred tradition. Traditionally it has been the women’s role to create these textiles while the men would tend to the land.
They fight to preserve this task that has empowered them and are proud to pass on the art of hand weaving to the children in the community.

Care Instructions:

Our wool and wool-blend products require special care. Do not machine wash or dry these products as it will distort the weave and fit.
Wash by hand in cold water with gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry.
You can also dry clean these products.

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