Macrame Jewelry: Yachay VI Necklaces

The Yachay VI collection of macrame necklaces features pieces with a variety of pendant designs. While the shape is similar in all models, since each necklace is handmade, each design is unique from all the others.

These macrame necklaces are special because they’re handmade, but we like them to be even more personalized. You’ll notice that each macrame necklace in this collection features a natural stone or crystal. All of them are believed to possess energetic benefits, so check out the list below where you’ll see the stone featured in each model. Pick the one that suits your needs, or choose the one that catches your eye. We like this site to look up the qualities and benefits of each stone.

Azabache necklace: Obsidian
Ambar necklace: Stromatolite
Arroyo necklace: Serpentine
Rosa necklace: Rose Quartz
Noche necklace: Serpentine
Día necklace: White Quartz
Fiesta necklace: Peruanita
Encaje necklace: Green Onyx

We source all of our macrame necklaces from a shop in Cusco, Peru, that supports local businesses and artisans. Know that all of your purchases from our shop benefit these craftswomen and men and help them continue to create. Visit our store to learn more about these communities of artisans.


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