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I had the pleasure to be a part of a spiritual hike that made me realize how much we all take advantage of Pachamama “Mother Nature.” Not only was this an amazing journey to experience, but I was able to challenge myself physically and mentally in more ways that I can even describe.

From the flower mandala that we made for Pachamama to the beautiful views around us while hiking, I was able to detach myself from the daily distractions of cellphones and other challenging obstacles and was able to become one with nature. I felt like you do not fully realize how much Mother Nature provides for us until you get the experience to go on the hike that I went on.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to learn and grow as a person and I truly recommend everyone try it. Pachamama is always with us and she helped make the impossible and possible and I am truly grateful for the strength she had given me and can not wait to go on another journey with her.

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Concetta - New York

Hiking to connect with Pachamama has become of one of the greatest blessings I could ever receive.

Thanks to my friend Rosanna, I was able to find a way to ground with nature and tap into my spiritual side. Since I struggled with depression, these hikes have cured my soul.

I’m so grateful for all beautiful animals I saw along the trails. The bears, deer, snakes and more. The beautiful lush green trees deep rooted of wisdom. The flower mandala ceremony of love for our dear Pachamama was so touching. Oh and did I mention dance parties?

The hiking experience with Pachamamas connections was just magical!

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Emmanuella - New York

The last 3 weeks I have been feeling reenergized, refocused and more contemplative of the beauty and warmth that this planet is absolutely saturated in. As I sit here writing this I can honestly say that I am overcome with thanks and gratitude towards Pachamama’s Connections for spurring this good feeling with hiking and a reintroduction to nature itself.

After just a couple hikes with Rossanna, the mastermind behind Pachamama’s, I’ve quickly fallen back in love with our planet, and it reignited my passion for exploring. Maybe it was because of the beautiful ceremony that gives people a chance to express their appreciation to the Earth and all the life it’s produced through meditation, words, music, or even dance if you so chose.

Creating the flower mandala is always my favorite part because it’s always so different yet so beautiful and it’s a team effort! Mindful hiking has also helped me with anxiety issues I have, I have seriously become stronger both physically and mentally because of this, so for those reasons I have and will continue to recommend this to everyone!

Really looking forward to purchasing one of the handmade Ponchos as well!!

Mike Tsevdos

Hiking with Rossana was definitely something I did not know I needed. I never considered myself to be spiritual, nor was I much connected to nature. 

This experience was so humbling, a journey for awareness of self: mind, body and spirit. I felt so much life flowing through me. With every step, I faced a new challenge. With her encouragement, I was able to conquer that mountain and surpass not only my physical limitations but also the mental ones. 

I am so appreciative for the opportunity to learn from Rossana, give up my offerings to Pachamama and to be able to set my intentions for the equinox in one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever participated in. Through all of this, I felt like I broke free and became new again. That is what I find most rewarding about this experience and cannot wait to do it again. Aho!

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Rachel - New York
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