The Eagle and Condor Prophecy

The Eagle and Condor Prophecy speaks of the Native peoples of the Americas. Now is the time for indigenous people to reunite and for all humans to connect with nature in order to heal wounds and propel humanity into an age of harmony.

Artist: Ryan Blume

“We have been waiting five hundred years. The Inca prophecies say that now, in this age, when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken.” -Willaru Huayta

Indigenous people across the world have always had a profound connection with nature. But with the dominance of Western ideals, their spirituality and supreme link to the planet became the subject of ridicule and skepticism. Conquerors from Europe decided that native practices were inherently wrong because they were different, and so they became wrong by definition. “Tree huggers” and “peace pipes” were disparaged as representations of being backwards and naïve. Ambition and aggression became the default proper values of any civilized person.

Now, from the perspective of the 21st century, you clearly see the fault in all this. And the fact that you consciously notice something is wrong means that you are aware of the deep subconscious ancestral traumas. That your mindset is so different from that of the conquerors of the 15th century means that the Eagle Condor Prophecy is being fulfilled.

Looking back on the past 500 years, the events of history seem wholly barbaric. How could people have let this happen? You could ask this question about almost every event. But these “backwards” tribes of indigenous people already saw all this coming from way before. That’s what the Eagle and Condor Prophecy is about, and, for once, there is a glimmer of hope for everyone.


What is a prophecy?

A prophecy in a general sense is a prediction of a specific event that will unfold in the future. Cultures across the world have historically had designated “prophets.” These people connect to their culture’s deity, be it God, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Universe, Gaia, or any other greater power, and receive messages. These “spiritual messengers” record these revelations as prophecies to guide their people in the future.

The ancient Incas of Peru believed that every five centuries, humanity and the Earth entered into a new era. From one era to the next, there would be transition and transformation of energies. But they also believed that their people would suffer in some of these periods. 

To serve as a guide for the Inca people to stay strong in their search for liberation, the Willak Umus, the Inca prophets, instructed the nation’s wise men to record prophecies. They would help their people to know which path to take in difficult times. One such prophecy is the Eagle and Condor Prophecy.


The Eagle and the Condor

According to many Native nations of the Americas, the peoples of this hemisphere were two: the Eagle people of the North and the Condor people of the South. At the beginning of time, they were fully united. Their spirits fed into the Earth, and this strengthening of the Earth brought about the flourishing of Central America. 

The Eagle people were the indigenous North Americans. This bird represents the masculine energy and the mind. The people of the Eagle would discover, invent, and make things happen. Their sacred ceremonies vibrated with powerful energy. 

The Condor people were the indigenous South Americans. The condor represents the mellow, softer feminine energy and the heart connection. The South American Natives cultivated immense knowledge on plant medicine and possess a strong intuitive connection to the Earth.

While the people of the two birds were connected, they would see mutual growth and plenty. But the prophets predicted that there would come a period when their connection would be cut and they would nearly go extinct. The whole world would suffer as a consequence.

A full five centuries would have to pass before the next transition into a new era of awakening.


The Prophecy in Real Life

Five hundred years ago, the period of destruction began, as the Incas had always believed. The arrival of the European colonizers would see the fulfillment of the first part of the prophecy. They would shatter the relationship between the two peoples and bring about years of physical and spiritual oppression of the Eagle and Condor people. These people and their ideas would be ravaged by physical force and illness. But, as the prophecy said, they would not be completely wiped out.

“The stars are lining up and we are becoming more spiritually connected. All the medicines will be shared between the south and the north.” – Glenn Dapreau, Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate (Yankton Sioux Nation)

Five more centuries have passed, and a new period of transition has begun. In this period, the Eagle and the Condor people will reunite. Myranda Bennett (Wakíŋyaŋ Wówakȟaŋ Hiŋháŋ) describes this period as an awakening. She says it means that “all the colonization, death and destruction will come to the surface and that it will be a time of great chaos but also great strength if we fly together.” 

The Eagle and Condor Meet Again

This reunion has already begun. The Mayan elders of Central America made a call at the end of the last century to their brothers and sisters in the North and the South to come together. In the 1980s, elders from the North began traveling south to exchange their sacred ceremonies and origin wisdom with elders from the South, who brought their knowledge of plant medicine. 

Luis Alberto Bustos “El Flaco” and Mayan ajq’ij (spiritual guide) Marcela Garcia G. (Nana Ukotzijal Ixim) are two Colombian elders who work to bridge the gap between indigenous communities and the Western world. They told us about this call to reunite starting in the 1980s and pointed out an interesting detail about this transition period. The reconnection of the Eagle and Condor people is not a political or social movement; it is an energetic movement. The elders from our communities are acting from the heart in trust that all humanity and the planet as a whole will benefit.


The New Era

This transition could not come at a better time. The past 500 years have transformed the Earth into an environment never seen before. According to the Q’ero, the descendants of the Incas, in this pachacuti (great change), order will emerge from chaos. There will be yet more turmoil, but it is necessary for the complete renewal and rewriting of the way we have been relating to our planet and Mother Nature.

The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves.” – Don Antonio Morales, master Q’ero shaman

Who does the prophecy involve?

When we speak of indigenous people, we are not just speaking of Americans. We believe indigenous peoples of the whole world are the protectors of this planet. They are the only ones keeping the sacred connection to Earth alive. If they disappear, so will our innate connection to Mother Nature. And when that happens, the destruction will be unimaginable.  She will continue to live, but if we neglect our connection with her, she will live on without us.

Though the prophecy speaks of the Eagle and Condor indigenous communities, there is a strong consensus that this transition will affect all people and will be for the good of everyone. In this time, people of all four directions will come together. It will be a time of purging all that has gone unacknowledged throughout the last period. 

We will all be asked to rediscover our connection to the heart and return home to Pachamama. As Willaru Huayta says, “Return to the inner spirit, which we have abandoned while looking elsewhere for happiness.” Once you see that you are part of nature, you see that so we are all, and that we are all one. 

This process may be difficult. It may feel foreign to you and might bring up feelings you have never experienced. But it is necessary for cleansing humanity’s wounds and righting injustices. Myranda Bennett warns that if “we don’t face everything that has been done and go back to the way of living in tune with earth we will continue to suffer…even though it will be difficult, we must come together to push through. It will take great courage of spirit, mind, heart and body.”

However, we believe that this courage lies in all of us.

How can we all play a role in the prophecy regardless of our heritage and skin color?

The prophecy speaks of all humankind, the people of the four directions. It describes us looking inward to find our connection to nature and heal the wounds and injustices of the last five hundred years. The Eagle Condor Prophecy counts on the leadership of the indigenous Americans. It also counts on the participation of all of us, no matter our heritage. Indigenous wisdom says that “ultimately we are all Nature because the word native comes from nature and we are all parts of Mother Nature.”

That means that indigenous people alongside with the descendants of Europeans and other regions of the world will all experience transformation. We do not seek to further divide ourselves like people have done in the past era. If you are not indigenous, don’t think you are not allowed to be part of the prophecy. You actually are a necessary part for this prophecy to be fulfilled. 

Confronting the objective wrongs of the past is crucial. Facing the events of the past and supporting indigenous people by amplifying their voices and sharing their message is imperative. Hold sacred space for them; be silent while they speak; attend their conferences and participate in their discussions. 

“Do your research and connect to your own ancestors because you cannot know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from. You are here for a purpose, and everyone plays a key role in this world.” – Rossana Tello, cofounder of Pachamama’s Connections


Pachamama’s Connections and the Prophecy

At Pachamama’s Connections, we believe in this prophecy and are proud to be a part of it. Pachamama called to us as her child. She showed us the way back to her and she’s is bringing us back into balance. She did this so that we could support the collective as they return to the heart in this time of warmi pachacuti. We are fortunate that our personal transformation is part of the great transition — the one described in the Eagle Condor Prophecy.

We are constantly studying the wise teachings of the Q’ero, who are from the same land as we are, and continuing to learn from our indigenous elders from across the Americas and worldwide. 

Our aim is to help you connect with Pachamama, rekindle your heart connection, and perhaps invite you to change some of your thought patterns. We want to support you on your journey as you remember how to find happiness within. 

We offer several sacred experiences that allow you to be part of this prophecy, like our guided hikes outdoors every Saturday in Upstate New York where you can come and connect. In our store, you can purchase ethical, handmade, 100% alpaca wool ponchos and scarves from weaving families of the Peruvian Andes. These artisans weave prayers and sacred wisdom into their textiles that tell the story of their community and transmit a vision for the future. As you wear these textiles, you walk alongside the prophecy.


We Express Gratitude

In researching this prophecy, we came to form part of the prophecy ourselves. We reached out to all of our elders and indigenous brothers and sisters from the three regions of America for guidance and their interpretation of the prophecy. We were humbled by their wisdom and their eagerness to help us, and we would like to acknowledge them here.

Thank you to:

  • Myranda Bennett. Her Lakota name is Wakíŋyaŋ Wówakȟaŋ Hiŋháŋ. She is an Oglala Lakota of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ.
  • Glenn Dapreau of the Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate, or the Yankton Sioux Nation.
  • Chief Galen Drapeau of the Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate, or the Yankton Sioux Nation.
  • Luis Alberto Bustos “El Flaco.” He is a Colombian sacred elder and bridge between indigenous communities and the Western world.
  • Marcela Garcia G. Her Mayan name is Nana Ukotzijal Ixim. She is a Mayan Ajq’ij (spiritual guide) and a Colombian sacred elder who also serves as a bridge between her indigenous community and the Western consciousness.
  • Willaru Huayta. Quechua Incan spiritual messenger. 
  • the spirit of Grandfather elder William Commanda
  • the spirit of Grandfather Nowa Cumig
  • Chief Phil Lane, Jr. of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations
  • all indigenous leaders
  • Pachamama
  • our ancestors


For more in depth information about the Eagle Condor Prophecy, visit and see the post by ContraMary for the Illuminations2012 blog.

We also consulted these videos, available on YouTube, with even more details and accounts of the prophecy.

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  1. I just read this prophecy, actually I used my computer with the ‘Read Aloud’ option like most storytelling was done. Moments later I heard a small noise and went into my front yard to see. A huge eagle and a large black bird looking identical to the image on this site! There were others birds including another eagle and lots of crows. I was totally amazed. It is hard to believe. To hear this prophecy and moments later see these birds flying next to each other. A few days ago I listened to Rosanna Tello talk about earth connection and that is how I found this prophecy. It must be the time is now.

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